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Let your style be unpredictable

A wise man once said "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!? Forrest Gump summed up my style in that simple quote, because you never know what you will get. One day I may dress chic and the next day I may dress athletic. When I go out with friends, no one knows what I will pull out of my closet, because my style is very unpredictable.

I know you have been dressing yourself long enough to know what you like, however I encourage you to mix things up every once in a while so you can earn the label every fashionista wants to have: unpredictable.

How do you mix it up if you have been dressing the same for ages? How do you go from being predictable to unpredictable?

Take time to see things from a different angle, if you look at things from a different angle you can see things in a different way.

Have you ever heard of the saying opposites attract?

Yin/Yang, Light/Dark, Small/Large, Quiet/Loud, Love/Hate, Tight/Loose: the concept of polarity appears everywhere even in fashion.

Opposites attract - stripes, polka dot, floral

You might think opposites in fashion may clash against one another, however on the other side where the grass green grows view them as two halves that can make a whole. This is where looking at things in a different angle comes from. These opposites have the possibility to make a beautiful and unique balance. If you look at fashion in a different angle you can see mixing unlikely patterns can look amazing.

However, mixing patterns can be tricky and can end in making you look tacky. This is the reason why some people never venture out of their "safety wadrobe" and contunie to look predictable but if you do it correctly it can look amazing!

How do you venture out of your safety wadrobe without looking tacky?

Watching the scale of your patterns is something that is extremely important. If you are not careful patterns can unflatter your body and make you look wider than you actually are. Therefore, if you decide to wear something that is larger than your body side make sure it has small patterns to create balance. If you decide to wear small patterns however, do not over do it because multiple small patterns can make your overall outfit look busy.

Balance is KEY

Do not mix patterns that will not compliment each other, especially two super bold patterns.

When deciding how to mix colors make sure your patterns have the same color scheme. For example if your floral top has pink, burgendy, and olive green your plaid skirt should also have some pink, burgendy, or olive green or anything similar.

If you feel like your outfit is too busy, break it up with a basic solid color. It helps make your outfit look more balanced.

Mixing colors- same color scheme, jacket is solid giving the outfit a break

Never go matchy matchy, mixing patterns is supposed to be fun.

With all of this said bring some polarity in your wadrobe. Some will work and some may not work, but you will never know if you do not try.

No matter what wear your smile with confidence and always be unpredictable!


Kali Elizabeth