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Save a life, don't end one.

If you did not cut last night, I am proud of you.

If you did not purge last night, I am proud of you.

If you ate something last night, I am proud of you.

If you did not let the bullies get to you, I am proud of you.

If you calmed yourself down during an anxiety attack, I am proud of you.

If you found beauty while you looked in the mirror, I am proud of you.

If you left your abuser, I am proud of you.

If you stayed alive for another night, I am proud of you.

I am proud of you for pushing through another day!

If you are reading this remember, you are loved by many. Someone right now is thinking of you and right now I am thinking about anyone who is going through adversity! You are beautiful and your life is worth it.. YOU are worth it. It does not matter if you are black, white, latino, asian, homo-sexual, tall short, overweight, or anoerixic!


If you ever think about ending it all, think about it first because there is no coming back! I promise if you go through with it you are not only hurting yourself but you are hurting everyone who cares about you! You will create more tears than you ever led yourself to! You will make everyone miserable and you will make them feel pain that you have never felt before. They will never feel whole like they used to when they had you. You are beautiful and you are never alone!

I love you all and you deserve the life you were given. If you need someone to talk to, I promise that I will always be here. If you feel like nobody cares or loves you, I do!

Suicide is not the answer to anything. Dry your tears beautiful and put the knife down! Look at yourself, why are you destryong such a beautiful body.. such a beautiful soul?

As to the people who do not think words can hurt..


Do not be the reason someone ended their beautiful song, be the reason they are still here! You may think it is cool because everyone else is doing it, but the person that everyone is picking on does not think it is funny! You want to be cool?


You do not know why the person is how they are. Everyone has a different story and nobody has the right to judge someone becuase of it! Just because someone is different from you, does not mean you have the right to pick on them. If that was the case everyone should be picked on because we are all different. You do not know what a person has to go threw when they go home, you do not know what they face when they walk away.. and most of the time you do not realize what pain is hidden under their sleeves, their smile, and even their broken heart. You do not see it until it is too late, but sometimes words help save a person after all.

The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough enough to break a heart.

Someone who is dealing with adversity such as anorexic, suicide, etc may not ask for help, but that does not mean that help is not wanted. Most people who commit suicide do not necessarily want to die, they just want to stop hurting. Most people who are anorexic needs someone to tell them they are beautiful, not how bad they look. Talk to these people, do not ignore them. Let them know you care, let them know they are loved, let them know you are there. Little things often mean the most, and little things can also stop big things from happening.. it can help save a beautiful life.

Do not let the world change you, change the world by being you.

Save a life, don't end one.


Kali Elizabeth