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Eleven simple words

A few weeks ago I was eating in a restaurant with my husband's family and we had a cute little Asian girl waiting on us. I looked at my fiance and said "I am going to tell our waitress she is really pretty!" I did not know why, but I felt like she needed some words of encouragement and when she came back I told her

I know this might be weird, but you are so pretty!

However, when I told her that I was not expecting the response I received. I honestly expected a genuine "Oh my gosh, thank you!" Instead the young lady stopped completely and told me "I needed that so much! I have been stressing out for three days and I have not gotten any sleep! I have been up for over 24 hours and I have been feeling really down about myself. I studied, took my test, and came straight to work and I am working on no energy! What you said really just made me so happy and I needed to hear that! Thank you so much.

Her whole attitude changed in just eleven simple words.

It was as if she got a burst of energy. The young lady walked around smiling everywhere she went and it did not hit me until afterwards...

What if I made it my goal to give someone a compliment every day?

Instead of belittling someone: compliment them. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. If you make this your every day goal not only are you changing the lives of strangers but it also starts to change you and your attitude. Think about it when someone compliments you doesn't it make you feel good about yourself... even if it's for a second?

A second is all you need in order to change someone's outlook on the day. It only took me eleven words to brighten up that young girl's day.

Even the smallest things have the potential to turn a life around.

We often underestimate the power of compliments or even a smile. A smile, compliment, or even a few kind words could be the only shining light that they have received in their day of darkness. Wouldn't it be nice for someone to push through the day just because a stranger took their time out of their day to say a few nice words?

What can a compliment actually do?

It can motivate

It can create positivity

It can spread love

It can boost someone's self esteem

It can keep someone going

It can save a life

Let's face it we have all had a bad day from time to time. Sometimes on these bad days we put on a mask to hide the bad day we are having. However, when someone doesn't realize you are wearing a mask to cover your bad day up and they give you a compliment it lifts your spirits. It does not always make your day do a 180, but it makes you head in that direction. A step ahead is always better than a step backwards.

I have the power to make someone's day better or worse..

And so do you.


Kali Elizabeth