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A Kamin Warrior

This post apocalyptic themed photo shoot depicts a beauty turned warrior, seeking revenge

I was so honored to have been chosen to model for this post apocalypse shoot "Kamin Warrior." I had so many people at awe over this photo shoot! They only had good things to say and almost all of them have called me "Mad Max" since then. They were absolutely astonished at how my creative team transformed me from a blonde barbie into a post apocalyptic warrior.

Jeff Cain is such an amazing and talented photographer and I love working with him! When he has an idea he goes all out in order to get the best images possible! I wouldn't be the model I am today without him! Why? While working with Jeff he has made me get out of my comfort zone, and it has truly helped me today while my modeling career has expanded. Thank you so much Jeff for choosing me to model in this outstanding shoot! I also want to thank Paige McAllister for not only helping Jeff to make this photo shoot become a reality, but for helping me also! It was such a privilege to not only meet you but working with you also!

As for my makeup, hair, and accessories I was blown away by Kat Avery's talent. Kat blew all of our minds with her creativity!

I would also like to thank Jerry at Paul's Cycle Shop for the use of the Harley, John Thomas for some of the warrior accessories, and Steven and Jason at KaMin LLC for the perfect location to make all of this happen!

So stop what you are doing right now and go add Studio Cain Photography on facebook, and if you want some cool jewelry go add Kat Avery as she sells and makes some unique pieces!


Kali Elizabeth