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Betsey Johnson does it again


a high profile and extremely successful performer

A couple of weeks before Christmas my mother and I were shopping and I saw this Betsey Johnson bag in Belk that I totally fell in love with. However, my mother snatched it up saying she wanted it and I got a little butt hurt, but I was hoping she was displaying tough love and I would receive it for Christmas... on Christmas morning I opened up a present and there it was staring at me. THANK GOD. I had to have this purse, it is the cutest little bag ever. Betsey Johnson is so unique with her designs, but not only is she unique but her pocketbooks have great quality! They are definitely a head turner, to say the least.

I decided to pair up my new pocketbook with my new shoes my precious husband bought for me. The adidas superstars are very versitle meaning you can wear them to dress down or to dress up, and I like having things I can wear different ways. You get more out of your money, who wouldn't like that?

I have included pictures and links of my outfit below, however the purse and dress is not the same but I think it would still look cute with the Adidas superstars!


Kali Harlow