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Have confidence in yourself

Confidence is something you create in yourself by believing in who you are.

One day I was walking into RJ Pope and I saw this beauty in the clearance section and I fell in love, because most of the time I can't afford anything in RJ Pope. Originally this dress was $80, however I got it on sale for $30. Usually I wouldn't buy something on clearance for $30, but I knew someone would snatch this up in a heartbeat if I waited to get it so I snatched it up and walked out of there proud as I have finally been able to buy something from RJ Pope, and not only did I buy something from RJ Pope but it was a Show me your mumu dress so you know your girl got excited. Ballin on a budget as some people would say! I do not regret buying this dress one bit, it is so comfy I wish I had 50 of them.. but I would be broke if I had 50 so one will do for now. Unfortunately they do not have the dress on the website, however they have the same pattern.

Photographer: Sarah Nichols -

Love always,

Kali Harlow