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Posh Hammer Music Video

"Music is the cup that fills the cup of silence."

I got invited to be in the Posh Hammer Music Video and I had a blast. Posh Hammer is a teenage synth-pop trio comprised of twin sisters Tasnim and Tiam and their older brother Navied. The music video was shot in Asheville, NC! My mother came with me and whenever my mother and I go on road trips we tend to stop on the side of the road for a little photo shoot. You have to learn to appreciate the little things in life, like art. Art is everywhere if you just open your eyes and look. The theme of the music video was a New Years party in New York, therefore I decided to dress how a Kardashian would dress in New York.

My whole outfit is from Shop Hopes, however everything is sold out therefore I will be exploring the internet for a outfit similar to mine. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Love always,

Kali Harlow